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I have a dell laptop at home and i forgot my bios password. How do I find it again? I got administrator rights on the computer but can't remove the cmos battery due to a warranty sticker over 2 of the screws.

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How old is the laptop itself?


A bit under 2 years however warranty is longer in my country.

On desktops you can reset the BIOS with a button, sometimes laptops have said button. If the warranty is out you might as well remove that sticker. Your choice.

Search on google: "CMOSKill"
Follow up some tutorials and maybe it will work.

what model?

If you try to enter the BIOS and select unlock it should generate an ID. If the ID ends with -2A7B or -595B then you are in luck as there is a keygen available. Good old dogbert loves to reverse BIOS's and created keygens up until aholes started selling services on ebay and exploiting his work. Truely an expert hence the title :) Excellent reading material on his site. Here's the generatorrator

Long gone are the days of pulling the battery. Passwords are not stored in CMOS. Your best shot would be to extract you SPI flash module and take a dump of the BIOS. You cannot get this type of dump from a program running on that machine. It may be possible to remove the password if stored there and flash the dump back. In newer models since 2012ish, the HUB controller contains a small NVRAM area seperate from the BIOS. That is where the password sits. You would need to JTAG it out...way out of scope.

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