Forum Thread: Hacking a Targets BIOS?

Is there any way to get into someone's BIOS and change their settings? All of this is happening on the terms that you are only give virtual access, as well as Administrator rights to that computer. The computer I am trying to change BIOS settings on got Ubuntu, but I'd like to know how to change the settings even though it might have any other OS.

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TMK, you do need physical access to the machine in order to modify the BIOS Settings, as it's just about the first thing to boot. No network drivers, nothing else. Nada.

I do not know of a way to circumvent this, sadly.

i think that thegermanfella is right.

but if you have root access on a LINUX machine, you can quite bring some devastating damage to the computer. encrypting the entire filesystem, for example.


You can read and write the BIOS from a Linux USB I believe, I know I read it at least to get my Windows product key on my laptop.

Indeed the bios is separate from the entire OS.

then how can you reset a bios password using windows tools ?

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