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Hi guys I am new here. I want to ask all of you about creating an os (Any kind of Android or PC) what do i have to do to create an os for my personal use or to sell it to someone (Making it private) .Do i have to create OS only or hardware's too . I am free next month so i am thing of this so please tell me about legality or illegality of this. Sorry if it sounds stupid


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Very hard task, since if you are asking it here, you don't know nothing about. Anyway, to be able to sell it, you should do it from 0. If you even adapt a Unix/Linux you wouldn't earn with it anymore, because it would be under it's GLP (i think is it).

what do you mean by 0(zero) and i also want to know the process to create an OS

Hi there

If your interested in creating your own Linux didtro then Linux from scratch is a good place to start it will teach you all of the different parts of the system as you create a basic one there website is

Creating an is from the ground up is a grueling task that requires some advanced knowledge so I recon your best bet would be to try Linux from scratch and work from there


It's one of those things you do onky when the process looks obvious because you know how it works. Better spensd your time studying engineering

Thanks guys

It is never illegal to make something unless you steal someone else's work.

An operating system takes months of work from a TEAM of skilled programmers. A solo project would a year at the minimum.

You can write the OS code for a specific type of hardware, but I suggest you learn programming in C, asm, or other low languages.

What i mean is what if i want to sell that OS just like windows and mac

You make it, you sell it.

However you gotta look at the history of selling OS'. Back in the 70s each OS was made for a single computer, but now everyone uses a unix os for general use.

Make sure your os supports other architectures and such.



Hey there NoName. If you want to know more about building an OS, check out Raspberry Pi Custom OS Tutorial. If you have a Raspberry Pi and an extra SD Card you can practice building your own custom OS. It won't be a pretty one that you could sell to anyone, but you will learn what goes into making one. Perhaps it can help you with your goal



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