Forum Thread: Cryptography Based Program

I Need A Program To Explain Cryptography in C++
Can Anyone Help???

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C++ code is compiled to objectfiles, this is machine code.

You need an program to explain cryptography in C++? I don't understand but if you want to understand how objectfiles are made you should research compilers. If you meant encryped plaintext C++ code you should research the cryptography used to encrypt that. there are a lot of encryptors so before i can help you, please ask the right question.


I Just Stick To Basics Such As Caesar Cipher
So I Don't Think I Asked Any Wrong.

I think Cryptography is the same in any programming language. it just depends how you do it. so if you asked for cryptography look around nullbyte, there are plenty of texts around here about cryptography.

Bruce Schneier wrotes in his book "Applied Cryptography" algorithms that can be implemented in conjuction with C# language, maybe is that good starting point for your research, however I higly recommend that book, it is full of usefull informations about cryptography and problems of that particular science...

Best regards, :)

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