Forum Thread: How-to DoS with MACOF - Flood Network with Traffic [Only for Educational Purpose]

Warning :
We are using macof command in kali linux.
Before using this command, please know about each and every detail in depth.
I will give basics on this command.
macof ....floods network by sending huge traffic at once.
For more, search about it.

Step 1: Now Lets See Help File of Macof with Command,

macof -h

Screenshot like below will appear.

Step 2: Now Lets Open "Etherape" for Analysis of Traffic Flow.

If you don't know about etherape, then refer to NhC series in our youtube channel and go to playlist NHC Series.

For, opening etherape, go to terminal and type,
Like in following image .

You saw, in left side we have terminal for opening etherape and after entering, we get Etherape open in right side.

Step 3: Now, Lets DoS Attack Our Own eth0 Interface

For this i use command,
macof -i eth0 -n 10

Command Detail :
-i = for interface
eth0 = interface is assigned
-n = number of times we want to flood interface.

Have a look in image below, after we execute the macof command with assigned interface, then etherape shows the clear traffic flow 10 times.

If you need tutorial video of this article, then I have uploaded it in my youtube. Have a look here >

Thank You !!

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