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how many programming language do you know and what is it ?!
how long it toke's you to understand a one language ?!
what's the best way to learn a new programming language ?
what you like most at ethical hacking ?

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6 months.
Using it.
What ethical hacking? Kek.

  1. 3 and a half
  2. Long for the first one but them it becomes exponentially easier, you can almost understand any language after a while
  3. Practice making a game/simulation of some sort, teaches you lots of fundamental of the language.
  4. When you see the words "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" or "whoami > root". Also social engineering and finding innovative and crazy ways to do something


6 and a half :P

Every language is not the same, neither the syntax, nor the default functions it provides. But it does depend on how much time one devotes to it. Also, depends on how much control you have over the basic algorithms, and the creative ways you can apply them in.

The best way to to learn is learn is try to think like the machine, try to find outputs of different programs, wherever you find them, compute them the way the computer would do itself. Try to compile them yourself before compiling in the machine, and check the result. If wrong, never stop, try again. If right, go for the harder ones. And the most important thing be creative! Maybe you could innovate something yourself! :D

The best part about ethical hacking is, you are breaking in, and then building them to be even stronger. Plus, you know you're the boss! 3:)

If we go into categories, social engineering is my favorite, as hacking technology has become cliche, with the script kiddies, hacking humans is challenging, everyone has different exploits, rather than download ready made scripts. :)

It depends on how much information I retain. Right now I an code in Python, web languages, and am learning C.

After your first language, it takes you about a week to learn and then a few months to master.

The best thing about white hat is of course, social engineering and tricking people :-)

Once you know one it's not hard to learn more.
Translate older programs.
The challenge.


4 if you count SQL

i guess almost every one know's at least 3 language could you guys tell us what it's ?

Python, Ruby, JavaScript


thx for your time :)
i'm learning python from your tutorials since 2 days :D

C/C++, Java, Python, Shell/Bash, JavaScript, PHP(Learning), Bootstrap and HTML5 (too basic but if you want you can consider them as well)...

awesome (Y)
how old r u ?! :D

Thank you! But, I still feel there's a lot more to learn, it's just the beginning.
Don't mind.. But...
#Rule 1: Never give out your info!
All I can tell you is I am a teen! :)

C, Python, HTML and Javascript.
You can understand the basis through 1 week to 3 month
Goodluck with C.
I recommend you 5L of coffee and 72h but not a single shot.
Hide your ass

PS: The platform helped me to understand the syntax of special language, and run little program easily.

I'm a beginner who is not studying computer science (any tech-related field).
Helpful things: looking at example source code, using

perfect C, C++,C#,Java,shell +(sql,html, ...) this give the ability to understand any other language by just reading it, and with the knowledge of what's different in it.

best way to learn is to have one program using all the basics and advanced things of a known language, then to rewrite exactly the same with your new language and to add the new specifics things.

This works for a large majority of common languages

The challenge, the knowledge, the game.

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