How to [FUD 1/35] Gdog: Use Gmail as Command and Control Server

A stealthy Python based Windows backdoor that uses Gmail as a command and control server

Python 2.x
PyCrypto module
WMI module
Enum34 module
Netifaces module
Encrypted transportation messages (AES) + SHA256 hashing
Generate computer unique id using system information/characteristics (SHA256 hash)
Job IDs are random SHA256 hashes
Retrieve system information
Retrieve Geolocation information (City, Country, lat, long, etc..)
Retrieve running processes/system services/system users/devices (hardware)
Retrieve list of clients
Execute system command
Download files from client
Upload files to client
Execute shellcode
Take screenshot
Lock client's screen
Lock remote computer's screen
Shutdown/Restart remote computer
Log off current user
Download file from the WEB
Visit website
Show message box to user

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