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What do you think is the future of hacking?

What happens when for example everyone stops using windows and start using Linux. Do you think hacking will be harder in future years?

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If I may, what makes you believe that everyone will switch to linux?

One would assume that if everyone were to switch to linux that tools to exploit new-found weaknesses in linux would be made. I believe that as time goes on security will get tighter in all OS's, but there is always a weakness that gets overlooked and you can always rely on humans to be the weakest link in all forms of security.

windows is only targeted because that vast majority of pc's are windows.

If the majority become linux then linux will be targeted.


Linux has been around for 23 years now and still only a tiny fraction of the computing population uses it (less than 5%). I like its quite a leap to believe that any time soon, everyone will be using Linux, but it is definitely still growing.

I must agree with Jon above that as more people use Linux, more Linux exploits will be developed. No OS is inpenetrable.


Also with *nix being open source, there are always just as many talented coders looking for exploits to patch as there are talented hackers looking for exploits to exploit. With so many eyes looking over it its alot more difficult to find something new than it is on something thats been looked over by 100 coders who are jaded and tired of looking at the code.

Try writing even just 1000 lines of code, read through it and bug check, fix everything you can find, THEN get someone else to look through it. 100% of the time they will find something simple that you haven't looked at/thought of.

Also there is the fact that most hackers, (white and blackhat) all use *nix, so it would be shitting in ones own bed so to speak to release any exploit you found yourself.

  • People can stop using all OS'es and use smart devices and guess what?!. Hackers of all shades of color will still exist and break into your device because they are doing it already.

"The number of mobile apps infected with malware or that are conduits for spyware in Google's Play Store nearly quadrupled between 2011 and 2013, a security vendor has reported." source:

  • As long as information is digital then its a moot question.
  • Unless people disconnect and that will never happen.. #Hacking and #Counter Hacking will only move into the forefront in the near future.
  • The Digital world is just as real as the world outside your front door. Most people tend to ignore this fact. Everyone should have a basic understanding of how the digital world works to better protect themselves in this one.

Forgot - Windows get attacked because of the posture of Microsoft in the past with the elitist mentality when in fact they sell garbage half the time.

BTW if cycle sticks Windows 8 is trash and Windows 9 will be great. Windows 95 bad, Windows 98se good, Windows Me bad, Windows XP good, Windows Vista bad, Windows 7 good, Windows 8 ???


Windows 8 is actually quite a good operating system; it's light on resources and fairly robust.

If 50% of Microsoft products were garbage, they wouldn't be such a large and powerful corporation. In fact, the entire reason Windows is attacked so often is because of its popularity, especially within the corporate sector.


Hope the cycle is broken then. Everything I read about is leaning towards people don't like it. Then again I got a friend who loves Vista...

ghost I am going deep into the past, but the reason MS got so big was their marketing. They basically gave away dos in the early years. So ppl just became used to them being the operating system other than the expensive apple.

Yeap They gave away Windows up till 98. I remember buying a 1Gb HDD just to get a free 95 for a friends PC I was building. Because he wasn't into The Red hat I got him to get.

Hell at one time in 97-98 MS gave away whole PCs (vouchers) to get people into windows

I like some of MS software, hate the old model they went by. Now with the new head MS is much better.

I guess I'll have to contribute to this discussion, even as I have tried not to.

Microsoft NEVER gave away it OS for free. Hardware and software firms paid licensing rights to Microsoft and then embedded that price into the end user price.

Microsoft's OS became dominant, not because of quality, but rather because it was chosen by IBM as the OS for the first IBM PC in 1981. Microsoft wrote a sweet licensing deal with IBM that said that IBM had to pay them for a license for every PC they sold whether it had their OS on it or not. That meant that if you sold a PC with different OS (remember DR DOS?), you still had to pay Microsoft for their license even when you were not using it. Then, Microsoft wrote similar licensing deals with Compaq and the other manufacturer's as they came along. This practice was eventually challenged in federal court and was found to be illegal, but by then MS owned the PC OS market.

:-) Well I am glad you jumped in. To the end user it looked free. Microsoft stayed in court for one thing or another from the model they followed.

I give them credit they dominated the sector like a tyrant should. From this post I feel like I am biased for some reason and I thought I wasn't. I thought about the post I made last night like, wow that went left field.

No problem, CyberHitchhiker.
Your contributions here at Null Byte are always welcome and valued.

Lol yes I remember DrDos nice OS.

But also owt, back in the day, I could buy oem Dos for around 10 bucks from Chinese distributors. That was still much cheaper than any other OS at the time which I am sure contributed to its expansion.


I remember getting OEM DOS cheap from Chinese distributors, but they were not authentic. Back then, you could simply make a copy of the floppy, print a slipcover and label and it worked! Microsoft was charging about $80 a license back then.

shhh (I knew they were not) :) but it was great to bundle them with my clones i built

Everything would be controlled by server pc's and server pc's would be controlled by government. traffic lights,trains,planes,your robotic dad and more.It's because people will get more fat and people will be lazy,They start to use cars to move 2 meters to fridge from couch.

Idk know 'bout hackers; They just hack.

Source:My own expection of future.

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