Forum Thread: How to Generate Custom Word Lists Using Python

We all love using pre-made word lists, but every now and again, i feel like making a change. So, i decided to make a little program that generates passwords from a given set of characters and a given length, and places them into a text file to use. So, let's get on with it!

Step 1: Importing...

first, you need to import itertools(this module will do all of the heavy lifting ;))

Step 2: Get Some User Input...

Here, we are simply setting the needed variables, and using itertools for the password generation.

Step 3: Finally, Iterate and Close...

This writes each different combination of the characters to a line each, to make it easier to use in cracking.

Step 4: All Together...

I don't think this is the most effective method of password list generation out there, and personally, i'll stick to the normal lists, but this is a fun little exercise :P

Keep in mind, that although this is quite an effective little bit of code, it can take a really, really, really long time depending on the amount of unique characters and length of the passwords...

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