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I was wondering how you could get someones internal ip address both from someone on your network and from someone you don't even know. I run Kali Linux and am trying to catch myself back up.

-Also how would I find someone on my network if theres two routers.

For example: Your main Internet and Wifi come from a NetGear Router yatayata however that NetGear Router goes through a "Nighthawk" Router to dramatically increase your download and upload speed.

(also take in note theres one or two hidden ssid for the wifi login. there is also one that isn't hidden.)

How would I know whos all connected to my network?

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Wouldn´t "nmap -sS" do the trick?
(of course changing the ip address to yours)


Not necessarily. Many default configs use and instead and I dont think the nmap scan would discover them

that's why he said "of course changing the ip address to yours"...


Ah I suppose that opening your eyes sometimes does help.

An added bonus is airodump-ng tells you the clients around you as well

well that'd be a huge help also. what are the commands to show the clients around me?

simply run:

airodump-ng <monitor interface>

and the bottom part should be the clients around you. if they are connected to an AP, the AP will be next to their mac address.


It needs to be in monitor mode :):)

simply by going in your router homepage and check out your LOCAL NETWORK

Does armitage display them??

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