Forum Thread: How to Hack Wireless Password Using Wifiphisher

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hey evey one !

wifiphisher is a powerfull tool phyton writed wich allow you to hack wifi password by tricking the users and not attacking like the other tools.

script can run typing the following command in the script directory
=> python

Step 1: Kicking Out All the Target Wifi Users

the tool kick out all the users curently using the target acces point and hide the original acces point

Step 2: Lunching the Fake AP

the tool is going to creat a fake AP and reload't with the correct Nat and DHCP redicting and ports because the user will connect again but to the fake acces point

Step 3: Connect the User and Trick Him

when the user connect and try to open any web page, the script will load a fake web page will ask for the wireless password for updating, and what make this tool powerfull is that it compatible with HTTPS enless the other tools

Step 4: Modify the Page Index

also you can modify the fake page wich come with the script as index.html

Step 5: Downloading
Have fun!

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Why dont u make a link section where I can download the files that u need to import in your script from?

There is already a more detailed and more in depth tutorial on wifiphisher in Null Byte here .

Is 'wifiphisher' a fancy name for Linset-master?

No, they are separate scripts that do similar things.

this doesen't really work for me !!

thnxx!! that explains it in more details

Any way to get fncl to windows... An alternative?

is there any aternative for android. or it can be used by intalling kali with linux depoy on android. thanks

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