Forum Thread: Disconnecting Wireless Clients on a Seperate Network

Hello friends,

I was thinking if it was possible to disconnect wireless clients on another network and capture their handshake whiles connecting. I am trying out wireless password cracking and I have to say am not succeeding in any of my method. I know OTW has series on wireless hacking but I can't find one with this particular attack in it.

Thanks in advance friends.

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OTW covers this in one of the many tutorials he's written. It has to do pumping de authentication frames into a network and capturing the handshake upon re-authentication.

Thank you very much. Didn't see that.

it is. Use aireplay, but you must be IN RANGE (70 or lower dbm or whatever that unit is) and this is the code:


There is an app called "WifiKill" or something on Android which kills all clients to router connections and doesn't allow to transmit data. Phone has to be rooted for this obviously. You could possibly use this with some handshake capturing software like aircrack-ng ,etc.

I don't know why the negative votes, apart from the fact that you could've answered this to yourself if you searched a bit.

Please remember that you'll need a wireless card capable of injecting packets for this, otherwise, you'll need patience (to wait for someone to connect, and to wait for the dictionary to crack the password afterwards).

I searched google and found some articles, some had the code some didn't. But whenever i try, It doesn't work.

( Oh and for the negative votes, I don't know but its null-byte's new habit. Unless you post a tutorial, you are gonna get a negative vote. So am kul with it. )

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