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Hi all,

i wanted to start a evil twin AP by using wifiphisher. everything is ok until i have to select the AP i want to copy. it gives the following error:

error fetching interface information: device not found.

i have an external adapter that is working properly and both devices (internal and external) were not connected to the internet.

can i fix this?


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What Kali are you working with?

What did you enter? Can you give the command or the screenshot??

those are the commands i used. If this isnt enough let me know, i'll post more screenshots.

OK, Thanks. I'm looking in the source code now to see if I find a reason. I don't use wifiphisher so I can't really call this one off the top of my head. I'll look into this issue and try and replicate it as it makes me curious.

Have you used this tool before with positive results?

Thank you! i havent used it before. since i'm new to kali linux, it looked like this was a good tool to begin with. i've attached a screenshot with the error.

#<!-- One of those interfaces can packet inject? -->

  1. Have you run an apt-get update yet?
  2. airmon-ng check kill ?

a. Try the tool again (Didn't work? Move to #3)

  1. sudo or root -aI wlan0 -jI wlan1 ?(No? Move to #3a)

a. Far as I got and would init 6 at this point!

Thanks, you are helping me a lot! If i understand it. I need two wireless adapters. i have the tp link TL-WN722N as external (as far as i know it is capable of injecting?). the other adapter (internal), does that need to be recognized? which one is my internal? and which one do i need for the jamming interface?

Wifiphisher needs 2 wireless interfaces, and will take care by itself which one to use for AP and which for injecting.

From your first screenshot, I see you have just one (wlan0), and your second screenshot is truncated (maybe) so I can't see if there is a wlan1. If ifconfig can see a wlan1 (but not with iwconfig), type

ifconfig wlan1 up

If that doesn't work, your wifi card might not be recognized by the system.

Also a tip: from the first bytes of the MAC address of your target router, you are able to get the manufacturer. You can now make a better phishing page with the brand logo to make it more credible.

thanks for your reply! i'm afraid my internal card isnt recognized. there is no wlan1. i'm now running Kali in a VM. i will try to dual boot it and see if it is recognized then. Do you know if there is another way to make wlan1 show up?

Yeah, that's common problem if you are using a VM. You should get 2 external usb wifi then, but a quicker solution would be booting Kali from a usb drive so you don't mess with your existing partition.

Choose the num of ap you wish to copy??

Wifiphisher gives me a list of AP's in the area. it recognized 18 AP, they all have number and i needed to select the number of the AP i wanted to clone. in this case i was trying to clone the AP with the number 10 .

Thank you all! By USBbooting Kali i got it working!

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