Forum Thread: [Help]C# Keylogger Limitation to a Specific Process, Log Emailing and Keys Filter

So i have read this amazing how-to tutorial:
And it worked amazingly.

Then i saw in the Further Improvements some cool tricks that can be done, but because im new to this functions i kinda dont know how to write them.

Do anyone know how can i limit the Keylooger into a specific process, so it will log only the keys from it?(for example, to "chrome.exe")

Maybe you know how can i send the log file through mail in a specific hour? i saw some SMTP tutorials but without any attachement/timing

And last question, how can i filter the keys? (for example, when it writes "NumPad1" it will write instead "1") - NVM i did this one on my own ^^

BTW im new here so dont be to harsh with me ^^
I also study C# for several years, but never got to DLLs and things like that, I really appriciate any help :)

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Hey!!.. why would I be harsh on my buddy?? Im new too hah;);)

So yea I studied c++ for 2 years two... and at first I ddint know what those were too... but I think that those are system functions... remember user and system defined functuons that we used... I think these are system processes...

For the masks you want... I dont really know about then but I can give a tip.. you and I know its all about code... so you can search for tutorials on masks like these... bot these but like these then you can learn and improvise and write your own!! ;);)

Yea i searched for the limitation tutorial, but i didnt know how to combine it in this code ^^
And also you know how can i send mail with the log file every hour while keylogging?
And if youre new then welcome ^^

If its not given anywhere. . Then you need to improvise. ..

Its usually hard what you want to do.. might be impossible... but you can try right? ? Youll learn something new or just figure out a way by mixing stuff!! Have fun ;);)

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