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Hello, i searched Internet but i didn't found an android keylogger.
Is it possible to create one using Kali or download one?
I want to capture keystrokes and sent to email like win keyloggers.
P.S i managed to create a payload for android and hack my device over LTE but there is no option for keylogger.
Thank you very much

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I cannot recall having seen any code for an android keylogger. I'm sure there is some out there though. I remember finding one written in Python and I was going to code one and stick it on my computer at the time, just to learn Python better. I think (it's been a couple years) that I first noticed it on I can't recall the name of the video to fetch you a link, but I remember that the author of the video had really short hair (like a crew cut), and he also made a lot of other videos about various networking and IT topics.

But, I do remember that when I tried to follow along with what he did, I couldn't because there were some broken links or something (maybe I just didn't get around to taking time out and doing the keylogger thing, I forget). I do remember though, after that, that I did find a couple of other Python scripts out there and copied the code for those also. It must'nt have been a high priority for me because I still don't have a keylogger on my machine yet.

Then, a month or two ago, I was going to look for some keylogger code in QB64, but never got around to it. Once I got Kali installed and running, I haven't really had much time for other projects. :) There needs to be more hours in a day. Either that or I just need a larger and quicker brain to cut down on some learning curves.

So... (this also applies to Try a Google search for the two terms "keylogger" and "android". Or, replace the term "android" with whichever coding language that you want the keylogger in. For example, if you want to see some C++ code for a keylogger, search "keylogger" and "c++" for some code snippets in that language. One of the things that I do remember is that it wasn't a completely bone dry search, but it took me a few days of sifting through links to find anything that was useful for what I wanted.

You've probably already looked, but also try the Google store (or Play store or whatever it's called nowadays).

When you mention, "P.S i managed to create a payload for android ..." What utility did you use to create the payload? Was if some program that makes packets, maybe even a program belonging to the Aircrack-ng suite? The reason I ask is because I might be getting ready to track down one that I noticed mentioined earlier today, but I didn't remeber the name of it. It shouldn't be hard for me to find though, even though I don't remember the name, there are other details about it that I do remember.

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