Forum Thread: Help "Spying" on Gf Phone

hello im am a stating beginner hacker I don't know anything about it really I been researching on how to videos so i wanted to know what is the best way to hack my girlfriend phone without having her phone with me

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what's the system of the phone?

samsung galaxy s4 verizon

you can try to install simple keylogger


iPhone: jailbreak it and install a keylogger from cydia
Android: root and install keylogger (not sure if root necessary)

I think he said 'without having her phone with me'

You cant do any modifications without having the phone on you

and i can send them like a text or pic message and see whatever there doing on there phone

Can u please...tell me how do it..??

thanks il look in to it and let you guys know whats the turn out

is there a way by not downloading kaii

which os are u using on your pc?

Download backtrack

windows 8.1 with bling 6.3900 build 9600 sysem x64-based pc

ok i understand where your coming from ..what about stagefrigh i just heared about it to day is that done by kali or is that done by a software whats the deal with that??sorry if my qustions might seem stupid

You can get metasploit for windows... just google it... ;);)

right now im looking into zANTI for Android has anyone tried it before

"The aspiring white-hat hacker/security awareness playground"

I know right, Im just watching all these safe responses on such an non intrusive topic. Every one enjoys being spied on by so called security pros. Would of been flamed off the boards back in the day. +1

if anybody knows how to get metasploit in kali lite.??

The easy answer is dump her.

There is no legitimate reason to hack or backdoor your girlfriends phone. If you're doing it, you clearly are looking to see if she's cheating on you. If you can't trust her, you don't need to be in a relationship with her. Simple as that.

Best. Answer. Yet.

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