Forum Thread: How to Intercept Any Email or SMS ?

Recently i was using my mail service for a subscription.
And they said me to enter the otp (one time password) sent to my mail on their Site.
So i started to wonder Can a person Intercept my Email and how can that person do this.
And can we do the same with Mobile's SMS also?

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Emails you can use brute force and local MITM but SMS is not a walk in the PARK. But just for starter a tip would be the SS7 flaw that is in the Mobile Network Provider do a bit research and a whole lot would be unloxked ,sadly you will need a special devices to do that ,it costs $4.

Author way is to have a Trojan ...I prefer a self built one but for a starter you can use metasploit. The new version has SMS read and send permiaion . And About the Email part if you really target the victim you can hook his browser in beef and you can use Google Phishing and Pretty theft for facebook .

People's have trouble hooking other browsers to do that follow this simple steps.
1.Copy the link of the "hook me " page when you open beef-xss.
2.edit the part to your local IP address
3.You can edit the "hook me " text to what ever you want.
4.make an HTML file and add you script to the file.
5.copy the HTML file to /var/www/html
6.start apache by typing "apachectl start" MITM with dns spoofing plugin
8.when configuring the etter.dns file add
"*www.spoof A yourIp"

then when your victim enter the spoof site in URL he will be redirected to your fake site and forced to click on the hook script and get hooked.

Hope this helped.
Any Questions feel free to ask.

You are a jedi, sir.

Great comment out of it all I only needed 1 sentence because I couldn't figure out the lingo/terminology for what I wanted to do . 'SMS read & send permeation' , not for the feint of heart ... All that means to me is its worth learning .. Thanks for the info

I need some one to help me get into my Google account I no longer have the phone number for the code can I some how spoof the number to revive code

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