Forum Thread: How to Make Your Own Command to Backup in RedHat Linux?

Hello Friends,currently I'm student of RHCSA.I want to share script that i have written in my lab for backup and restore.Let's Start.

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Backup of Folder

Generally,We use 'tar in linux for backup/restore.Let's start scrpit.

Step 1: Open Temrminal.

Open Terminal of Your Linux from Right Click>Open Terminal.

Step 2: Go to Root Directory.

go to root directory for make it easy . ~ or cd command.

Step 3: Create New Shell Script File.

Create New Shell script file for write script.Use Following Commands.
1.vim or nano
As you know,Linux shell script file's extention is '.Sh'.

Step 4: Enter Followinng Script.(

echo "Script By : Yourname
echo "Enter Folder Name/Path:";
read path;
echo "Enter Backup(tar) File Name";
read fname;
echo "Where do You Wand to Store Your Backup File:"
read bpath

tar -cvf $path $fname.tar
mv $fname.tar $bpath

Step 5: Give Execution Permission to Your File.

You must have to give execution for script.
follow this command to give execution permission.
1.chmod o+x

Step 6: Rename Script File.

Now it's time to convert your file in to commands.
follow command as below. your-command-name
Now Check Files in current folder using ls command.
Your renamed file convert into green color.

Step 7: Move Your Renamed File into /Bin and /Sbin.

For Make Your file into command,you have to move/copy your created file in/bin and /sbin folder.

To Move,Follow this command your-command-name /bin your-command-name /sbin
To Copy,Follow this command
1.cp your-command-name /bin your-command-name /sbin

You have Done !!!

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I'm already using something like this on Kali, although this could seem a little Out Topic, it's always useful to have ready backups ;) !

Welcome to Null Byte!

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