Forum Thread: How to Install .Run Files on Linux

I'm new to using linux and I wanted to install Metasploit.

I used the chmod command to make it an executable file and then tried using the sudo command but is returns an error saying that the command is not found.

Here is the error:
paul@freedom Download$ chmod +x
paul@freedom Download$ sudo
sudo: command not found
paul@freedom Download$

Please help!

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If you want to follow more tutorials from this site maybe it is better to install Backtrack linux. it has most of te tools aready installed :)

Thanks Herman!

I know it's better if i have Backtrack but i don't think i have enough time to install Backtrack and get started. I will though. But for my purpose right now I think just having Metasploit will do the trick.



That error is either from a misspelling of the command or you are in wrong directory.

If you wrote the command exactly as you show it here, you have a colon : that is unnecessary and is probably causing the error.

Finally, I agree with Hermann, you really should install BackTrack. It has so many more tools.


why not kali linux? isn't it the latest version of backtrack -with another name obviously?


Either is fine but the new Kali has a few bugs.


oh, ok.
thanks for the quick reply.

Oh no the line in which the colon comes after 'sudo' if the result i got after I entered the command right above that.

Can it something wrong with the sudo in my OS??


Its probably not a problem sudo, but if you login as root , you don't need to use sudo.


I'm sorry I'm lost. What should i use?
Please help!


I strongly recommend that you use BackTrack.

The sudo command simply gives us "root" privileges for one command. If you log in as root, you don't need to use sudo.



Try directly clicking on the file it will give you installer but if it doesn't open then goto terminal then to the directroy and then type

./ [press Enter]

it will get you the installer then install it!

try using sudo -i then type password and press enter you will become superuser.

Thanks Criss! But I thought it would be a lot better if i just got BackTrack.
Thanks anyway!

im trying the same thing... i have on the desktop
i open terminal and type
cd Desktop which gets me here

how do i run the program?
i try
root@kali:~/Desktop# file:///root/Desktop/
bash: file:///root/Desktop/Ampps-3.4-x86 No such file or directory
root@kali:~/Desktop# sudo file:///root/Desktop/
sudo: file:///root/Desktop/Ampps-3.4-x86 command not found
root@kali:~/Desktop# sudo /
sudo: /Ampps-3.4-x86 command not found
obviously none worked... help?
om running rolling whatever 2016.1

to install any .run file in kali linux ,
first navigate to the folder consisting that file then type the following commands:
chmod +x and press enter.
./ and press enter , sometimes you need be superuser so just use sudo .....

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