Forum Thread: I Need Your Response for a Homework Assignment.

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This is for a composition paper.

I have to ask professionals in the career path of my current course of studies. I'm currently working on my NSA (Network System Administration) Associates degree then will follow it up with (Cyber security) Bachelors Degree. I would like to do the homework based on the Cyber security premise.

The Questions are as follows.
1- What are the requirements of your chosen career (previous work experience, education, etc.)?
2 - What qualifications and skills are needed to be successful in this career?

3 - Do you meet the qualifications of your chosen career? If not, how do you plan to acquire the necessary qualifications?

4 - What kind of job can one obtain with this degree?

Thank you for your time.

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10 Responses

give you a tip,use google

I'm suppose to ask people in the field or I would google.

Again that leaves the field too narrow.
Like a Science teacher that is a CEO of a company.
His degree was not Business.

Or the AeroSpace Engineer that never went beyond the production manager position. Google will give me some specifics. but does not encompass the scope as I see it.

1- What are the requirements of your chosen career (previous work experience, education, etc.)?

An experienced professional told me that experience doesn't matter. If you are exceptional at your skill, a company will hire you.

Degrees don't matter as much anymore (as seen by all these new mini-institutes of IT learning)

4 - What kind of job can one obtain with this degree?
Any. There are gaping holes in the industry.

From personal experience, I can tell you that not all successful people work in their profession, especially now when for self-development you just need to have a desire. Personally, I work in the IT field, although I did not study in this direction at all, I actively developed myself in what was interesting for me, and in order to graduate from college I used the help of experts who do my assignments, here is a link to their website I lead to the fact that the most important thing is your desire and what you strive for, if you know your field perfectly, then you can be hired even without a diploma.

I find it quite difficult to help you. Hope you finish it soon word counter

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