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Hello All,

I'm running Kali linux, and i had little success with phishing using SETOOLKIT, but it seems to be temporary . So i would like Host static Phishing site ( NOT USING SETOOLKIT), that it would 24/7 without downtime. I've done the below steps.

  1. Created Facebook Phishing page.
  2. Moved it to /var/www/html/
  3. Started apache2 server.

When I enter the my site ip address, I can see the complete fake facebook site, but if enter the username and password, it saves no where. Please someone help me locate the username and password or It need any additional external script to save it.

NOTE: How I created Phishing page: Copied Source code and pasted it in notepad and saved as index.html.

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Use the credential harvesting attack in SET, and just put that site in that foler (it may already put it in that folder, I haven't done this in a while).

Tacocat, thank you for the reply. I would like to run the Permanent phishing site. Not using SET.

some php commands and send the data from forms to a db ;)

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