Forum Thread: Phishing (2.0) Maybe.. Just a Concept

Hello Guys,

One of the main bug in the concept of the original phishing page I thought was the change in URL i.e. if I am creating a phishing page of a site say facebook, it is not possible to have a domain of the same name which makes the user a bit easy for them to recognize weather its a phishing page or not

So, Basically what I want to say is it possible to do something like this.

Change that URL for the user to be something like this.

This may have been thought earlier but I am not aware of it . Acc to me this is my original idea thought while sleeping :p

Please provide some tips to make this idea a successful one .

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2 Responses

Thanks everyone, I will do some research on the same .

Btw I was thinking in any way I could manipulate the browser to do so(just a theory ,I think its only possible if the browser is not updated from a log time),I don't know much about it just imagination :p

#Come on guys why negative kudos. :'( I think its a good to think something like that and I feel discouraged when I see that :\

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