Forum Thread: SEToolkit Error with Gems

set:phishing> Flag this message/s as high priority? yes|no:yes
* SET has finished delivering the emails
set:phishing> Setup a listener yes|no:yes
Could not find rake-10.4.2 in any of the sources
Run `bundle install` to install missing gems.

The Spearphishing module allows you to specially craft email messages and send
them to a large (or small) number of people with attached fileformat malicious
payloads. If you want to spoof your email address, be sure "Sendmail" is in-
stalled (apt-get install sendmail) and change the config/setconfig SENDMAIL=OFF
flag to SENDMAIL=ON.

There are two options, one is getting your feet wet and letting SET do
everything for you (option 1), the second is to create your own FileFormat
payload and use it in your own attack. Either way, good luck and enjoy!

1) Perform a Mass Email Attack
2) Create a FileFormat Payload
3) Create a Social-Engineering Template

99) Return to Main Menu


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This never happened to me... your Kali seemed to have dropped it's popcorn while sitting down.

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