Forum Thread: How to Practice Hacking if You Don't Have a Spare System?

I am a newbie and want to practice what i have learned so far. thanks to the great content here, now i have a kali linux up and running from my usb flash drive (with persistence). But how do i practice and follow along if i don't have an extra system on network?

Right now i only have one laptop with windows 10 and Ubuntu.

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You can start with hacks that only require 1 machine, like all wireless cracking (you can set up your router with weak wpa2 password, WPS, etc..).

Or you can set up a couple VM (one kali, one winXP/7).

Or just one VM with kali and use main OS to install an http server with some wordpress, joomla, etc.. and experiment on sql injection, RFI, LFI... it all depends on which kind of practice you want to make !

So, where do you want to start from ?

I wanted to try some basic exploits. any thing really, whatever is there on null-byte.

Yes you can, I got Kali as my main os and it can run virtual box perfectly, this is My pentest lab running entirely on Kali, everything works fine, and it's even better than windows because Linux doesn't take resources and that way i can run more than 2 VM's at the same time, You should definitely do this.

That's a good news, but I am running Kali from flash drive. I don't know how well will it work in this case. I can't make it main OS because am still learning Linux. I will replace Ubuntu with Kali as soon as I get more proficient with it. anyway can you please point me to tutorial or something that explains how to that?

thanks a ton for the help.

Well am sure OTW got that covered in one of his tutorials, Also it's better if you install kali because that way you could try it things directly when reading tutorials and stuffs, When i started using kali i didn't know anything, Also you could just dual-boot it if you want

Use Metasploitable

Thanks, will definitely look into that.

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