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Hello community, i'm new here as you can see by the question.

I like practicing with Nmap but i don't want to cause problems for sysAdmins and i have no idea where to scan.
Is the any way to scan webservers or at least virtual and having my consciousness clear?

I enjoy all your tutorials and i see myself to continue with them, i only ask a way to practice not only Nmap but more kali stuff, without affecting other systems in the negative way.

Im using a LiveUSB kali (with persistence) , persistence partition is 10GB more or less, the whole USB is 16GB so no more space to allocation if needed.

Is it normal for the connection to fall while scaning (sending packets ) or at least slow it down?

Keep rocking.

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One thing you could do set up a personal hacking lab, although you will only be able to scan a few machines. For the most part its free and you just have to find some vulnerable VMs (look at VulnHub).

Another option is to pay to have access to a virtual network with lots of vulnerable machines, my personal recommendation for this is the Offensive Security PWK course (although it is quite expensive).


Well thank you i'll dig your first option setting up a hacking lab by first finding some docs on how to do it and what is this.

Much appreciated.

personally if you dont want to go through that much trouble of setting up your hacking lab, you can scan websites that arent very 'big' yet, meaning those without many customers and nmap isnt a tool that will harm the admin in some way. that should make your consciousness better

What I did to start is get a raspberry pi and would play around with that and hacking it. You can also use nmap here and it would be legal.

At the moment i'm walking through the linux basics because i have a hard time to play with terminal on my own, without guides etc.

Do you mean like "local news" websites? That would be safe?

I know people going crazy when they hear that you practice on backtrack or kali with recon tools, some cannot understand the intentions you have.

Am i able to begin scanning and hacking my android phone?
It is in my network and sure it has IP and MAC address right?

Other than purchasing raspberry pi or getting a virtual machine that could make my PC laggy because of 4GB ram, i dont know if its worse in a live USB aswell.

Your community is the best.
My thanks to you.

Scanning with nmap is not illegal, nor will it cause problems with the sysadmin. Most sysadmins see there sites scanned 1000's times per day. No big deal.

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