Forum Thread: Want to Practice Pentest ? Then You Must Read This

Hello there dear hackers. This thread is for everyone who wants to practice penetration testing, or for those who want to know how are things working. Penetration testing can be illegal if you are testing without permission and you can earn 8 years in jail. We don't like that idea, so I want to present you, Vulnhub.

This is a place where you can find various vulnerable systems which only purpose is to be penetrated. (You know what I mean). Only thing you need is Virtual Box or VMware and internet connection. Go to the site above, download system you want, open it with your Virtual Box and start with exploring, learning, exploiting, cracking and a lot more !

If you are stuck somewhere, there are many walkthroughs so you can always get help or you can contact system maker to get direct hints ! Happy hacking my friends !

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Nice post 8) love this resource and more people need to be aware of it!

Thank you very much ! I really appreciate honest feedback !

Given the number of virtual machines, any advice you could give about some particularly interesting?

Ohh there are a lot interesting virtual machines. This was my first Mr.Robot. You can try this one, it is interesting !

@Feya Andev <3

You are welcome ! @Max Rose

The Mr. Robot one is fun. I actually really enjoyed Tommy boy. It's clever.

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