Forum Thread: Smartphone OS for Wireless/Portable Hacking

Hello Null-Byters :D

To get right to the point:
What is the best smartphone os for hacking?

I have an old smartphone which is just laying there collecting dust. I came up with the idea to make a war-driving/MITM device out of it.

The thing I have:

  • Alfa AWUS036H with USB cable
  • USB OTG cable with an extra cable for getting external power
  • Huawei phone which is currently running Android
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • 8000mAh powerbank for external power

Has anyone tried this before?
If not, I will create a How-To after testing.
If so, are there some things I should definitely use?
How is the driver support for Alfa AWUS036H?
Thing to watch out for?

What OS is the best for hacking with your smartphone?

I've heard of the following:

  1. Kali Linux NetHunter
  2. Kali Linux
  3. Ubuntu Phone

I hope there are some Null-Byters who have lots of experience with hacking on smartphones :)

Thanks for reading!

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1 Response

Well Nethunter is only for Nexus and OnePlus One phones so you would have to do a custom port. The best to do this if porting Nethunter isn't an option would be to use Linux Deploy and run Kali on your phone. I'm sure this would have its own set of issues and would require at least some Linux knowledge. Good luck and looking forward to hearing more.


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