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Hey guys,

i found this site by using google to find some "how to's" for Kali.

I was dual booting for a while but i mostly use Windows for most of the time lately.

How come? Because the performance for Virtualbox/VMware is by far a head of Linux. I firstly tried it with Debian (net-install > xfce) and with Arch (xfce), on both the performance was pretty bad. The whole OS was lagging if not unuseable, even when i turned off the VM i needed to restart in order to get a decent working OS again.

On Windows i feel a bit unsafe, which leads me to "BitLocker" with 256bit (changed it in the settings, default is 128bit encryption), also i disabled the Microsoft probing (if you ever heard about it?!), also i'm using some Veracrypt containers to keep things safe, especially when it comes to VM'ing. I know i could use Verycrypt to encrypt my whole partition, but UEFI isnt supported.

But i still struggle. My plan was, reformat my HDD and fire up Windows on it, BitLock it with 256bit again and just use Linux in a VM, if i'm in the mood for it. When it comes to Kali i would use it on a persistent/encrypted USB Stick anyways. I would NEVER use Kali as a installed OS.

Within the last years i got a bit paranoid, thats why i still feel a bit unsafe under Windows, but the OS "just works", if using correctly etc. I never was infected on WIndows, but since i do some shady stuff sometimes, i'm a bit paranoid..

So what do you guys think? Is my Plan decent enough?


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I'm having trouble understanding what your plan is, exactly.


I think i was too fast in explaining.

Basically, i'm not sure if Windows is still the right choice of OS, even with encryption.

There is no 100% right OS for security, all have their flaws and vulnerabilities. Just choose the OS you enjoy most and use that, if it happens to be Windows use Windows, if it's OSX then use OSX. At the end of the day, it's all down to personal preference.

And it's rather pointless to be that paranoid about your OS security; you're one person in a sea of billions, probably even trillions, of other machines.

The likelihood of you being a target is very slim, particularly if you are smart online.


Then, the answer is uneqivocably "NO"!

Check out my profile. :) I've got a few forum posts on pros and cons for different OSs. You may find one that you like. (I really recommend Cyborg Hawk or Kali Linux.) (Personally, I like Cyborg more.)

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