Forum Thread: Using Metasploit via Usb Tethering

Guys I'm able to access internet through usb tethering. I'm just learning to hack and want to hack the phone which I'm using to tether. I'm using Kali on VMware and i just have so many questions i hope you'll can help me

  1. Do i need to forward ports? if i do plz suggest a software.
  2. When I type my ip/public ip address I always get an ipv6 address so should I use that as LHOST while creating the payload? And is the address used while using exploit handler different?
  3. I am getting different IP addresses on my virtual machine and host(windows) I have tried all types of networking (bridge, NAT,etc)they still have separate addresses .is it fine?
  4. Does the APK created needs to be signed?

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