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Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post so I'm sorry if this is not in the correct format...

So I came across the Android Stagefright Vulnerability and I was wondering if Metasploit has added the Vulnerability because I couldn't find much info where the guys at Rapid7 added the exploit.

So can anyone please tell me if they added it or not and if the have, where the exploit is located in.
Thank you.

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4 Responses

I once saw it in Exploit-DB.

-The Joker

So then, if an exploit is on exploit-db then is it uploaded to metasploit?

Exploit-db has many different types of exploits, noyt only those for use with Metasploit. For an exploit to be included in Metasploit, someone must develop it specifically for Metasplit and it must be approved by Rapid7 for inclusion.

Oh ok then how can i )now if the exploit has been uploaded to the metasploit database? Should i use the "search stagefright" command? Or is there a different way because I can't use my computer till next week.

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