Forum Thread: Which Ip Use in a Real World Exploit ?


I'm intending to try exploiting an Android phone with the Stagefright exploit, but unfortunately, I can't do it in a emulator, so I found a consenting friend to help me out. But I'm struggling with the ip address : I guess I should use the external one, but I'm not sure, and I just can't understand how the connexion will be routed back to me since there are other devices in my network.

In an unrelated note, in a screenshot, I've seen someone generating a mp4 video with cats with the exploit. Is it possible to use a real video in this exploit ?

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i have the same question too but i am trying to exploit PC's over WAN and also on LAN if there are multiple users who got the exe or apk file and used together to which pc or cell phone we will be connected to? and if succeed to add a back door then when we close our meterpreter instead of rebooting victims pc and again starting listner then what we will have to do? use exploit? or something else? and what when we already had exploited many computers on LAN or WAN then how we select a specific one?

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