Forum Thread: The New Stagefright Exploit Called METAPHOR on Android Devices

The New Stagefright Exploit called METAPHOR and it is created by ISRAEL security researchers. The researchers have also provided a proof-of-concept video demonstration that shows how they successfully hacked an Android Nexus 5, samsung galaxy S5, LG G3 & HTC ONE device using their Metaphor exploit in just 10 seconds.

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There u go

Too bad there isnt any video on how it works. This feels like one of the thousands video's on youtube on "hack Facebook with 1 button"

Here's How the New Stagefright Exploit Works .Researchers described the following process to successfully hijack any vulnerable Android smartphone or tablet:

Step 1: Tricking a victim into visiting a malicious web page containing a video file that crashes the Android's mediaserver software to reset its internal state.

Step 2: Once the mediaserver gets a restart, JavaScript on the web page sends information about the victim's device over the Internet to the attacker's server.

Step 3: The attacker's server then sends a custom generated video file to the affected device, exploiting the Stagefright bug to reveal more info about the device's internal state.

Step 4: This information is also sent back to the attacker's server to craft another video file that embeds a payload of malware in it, which when processed by Stagefright starts executing on the victim's smartphone with all the privileges it needs to spy on its owner.

The researchers also claim that their exploit specifically attacks the CVE-2015-3864 vulnerability in a way that bypasses Address Space Layout Randomisation (ASLR), a memory protection process.

How they are doing

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