Forum Thread: Does the Stagefright Exploit Really Work ?

I'm trying to use the Stagefright exploit to generate a mp4 to send to the victim (A Genymotion virtual machine).

So I managed to generate the mp4, copy it to Genymotion and listen to the port with netcat, and when I play the mp4... Nothing happens. I tried several versions of Android but It doesn't seem to work at all.

Am I doing something wrong or isn't the exploit supposed to work at all ?

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3 Responses

This exploit is applicable to certain android versions...not at all android versions...

Isn't this exploit supposed to concern the majority of Android devices ? And I've tried a plethora of Android version, I guess at least one would work. Is there a problem with me not using it correctly ?

I have the same issue was trying it on couple phones tablet, lg tv with android, VM android nothing worked. netcat not showing anything.

I ran apache2 servier and put the MP4 file in html folder tried it different browser (chrome and stock) both.
do I need any media player or what?

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