Forum Thread: Android "Stagefright"?

Anyone has any exp. With this type of exploit ?

Well since a while now there has been the huge exploit named "Stagefright" , it is said that over 90% of the android smartphones would be vulnerable to this exploit; wich is based on a Remote Code Execution.

Apperently all the attacker has to do is send an MMS message to an android phone and the code gers executed without the victim even noticing. Another way I've been reading about is troug a HTTP request where they injected the code.

Now with that knowing ; Is there anyone who could explain more on how this works? Maybe give a little tutorial on remote code execution towards android phones.

I thank you all in advance !

Stagefright detector App' for Android users to test if their device is vulnerable. The app is available for download on the Android store. Download link: - See more at:

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hey Sr lex, the stagefright vulnerability is a trojan horse pared botnet... i guess you have recieved unknown callers and messages related to bank or credit card stuff.... and its run on MMS ... which has been exploited and its very very scary....

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