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After having read a couple posts about being anonymous online I thought one thing needed to be said.

No matter how many hops you take you can always be tracked down. The Tor network, Proxies, VPNs, I2P all do a good job at making people feel like they are anonymous. But for these services to send anything back to you they need your IP address.

An analogy of this could be sending a letter to friend A and asking for one back. So you send a letter to friend B and have friend B send it to friend C and friend C sends it to friend A. When friend A sends the letter to you, friend A will send it to friend C and then friend C will send it to friend B and friend B will send it to you. All friend A has to do is ask friend C where they sent the letter then continue following the trail until they reach you.

The internet was not designed for anonymity, therefore there will never be true anonymity on the internet. The good thing is that not everyone has the power to be able to track you down. Anonymity is a bit like security. You might feel secure behind a big firewall but there's a crack somewhere.

Probably the best way of being anonymous online is using open wifi connections in shopping centres with anonymizing services.

If anyone notices anything wrong please correct me as I only know so much. (At the moment, always learning something new)


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Thats exactly what I said in another post... use a cafe and tor and ull be anonymous!!

Good job bro

A proxy that doesn't keep records is like a person walking into a busy train station.

Good luck finding out which train that one person is leaving on without having their ticket.


Hi, I need some orientation about anonymity. What the community thing about this scenario.

I want to create a file, with one exploit with Metasploit, I use reversetcp to have access to the test computer, I used Veil.Evasion to aavoid AV detection. In the LHOST I want to use a public IP to have remote access to the test computer but I don't want to use my own public IP address for avoid tracking and maintain the Anonymity.

What do you recommend?? Maybe use a VPN Service and DynamicDNS Service to public the LPORT for the Meterpreter to access?? Other thoughts??



Go to cafe... prepare a chain of proxies.. throw veilvision and metasploit... boil a payload... bake the payload in test computer... garnish with persistance... and VOILA.. Therez ur cake!!

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