Forum Thread: Thoughts on Buying Hacking Gear and Anonymity

Hi, yet another aspiring hacker here.

Okay so, long story short, I got interested in wi-fi hacking lately, and I've been looking for some proper equipment to practice it. Nothing out of the ordinary right? That's what most of us ended up here for. And being the lazy fuck I am, I settled for the recommended Alfa AWUS036NHA and ideally a yagi antenna. Both are available on Amazon and a bunch of other sites. So far, so good (besides the risk of buying an inferior chinese knock-off).

Here's my real concern though : I like to buy things with cash, face to face, I do it whenever possible, it's still the most privacy-friendly way to buy things. And I'm really not sure I'll be lucky enough to find exactly what I'm looking for in local stores. So here's the thing : the main point of wi-fi hacking is to enjoy true anonymity, but I'm wondering : if I bought this stuff on the clearnet using my real credit card, getting it shipped to my real address, couldn't this be used by law enforcement or government agencies, whatever, in a somewhat unlikely, but still plausible scenario, to jeopardize my hard-earned anonymity through profiling or something? Sure there's nothing illegal about buying these, but it's not exactly something the average internet user buys either, usually. Would trying to find these in a more anonymous manner (or looking for alternatives) be worth the potential waste of time, money, and so on? Would it bring me any substantial benefit? Or can I just say fuck it, Big Brother is too busy elsewhere anyway, they'll most likely never investigate anything I do that far, and if they do they can always find me if they search hard enough regardless, this is still more good than harm?

I understand this may sound like a stupid question, or maybe symptomatic of my paranoia. But I haven't seen it covered anywhere. And can you ever be too paranoid in such a messed up, unfree world where mass surveillance became the norm? As ineffective as it seems to be sometimes, it's still scary and a real source of concern.

Please, feel free to share your thoughts and experience.

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