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I have now gathered information on my router which has been provided by my ISP. I know that my ISP does not offer help with port forwarding, which means, that if their customers wants to port forward their router, they will have to do it themselves, and their ISP wont provide any help.

I was refered to the company of the router Netgear and was informed by them that I would have to ask my ISP since the genie is completely different from a router provided by the company itself, and a router provided by an ISP, because the ISP changes the genie.

genie is the website of the router, in case you didnt know.

so, my question here is, how can I port forward my router which has been provided by my ISP, and my router model is Netgear CG3000

any help is appreciated

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Its changes for every router so there will be not concrete answer. The best I can give you is just look throught all the option on the web poage and try to figure it out you self or look at the manual (assuming you still have it). Or just check out this link, it might help.


I didn't see your reply, too busy fancying my answer below. But I agree.


I don't know, let me ask my bff Google.
Me: "Hey big G, how to port forward netgear cg3000?"
G: "Shall I give you my first link?"
Me: "Throw it at me bro."
G: "Here!" <==== Could that be the answer?

It only took me 20 seconds to do it. I believe in you, you can do it. So...

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Please try not to be so condescending. We understand that questions should be researched, but there's no need to be rude.


When I was writing the reply, I was in no way meaning to sound patronising, so sorry if it came across as that, or if you/TypoGuy feel that way. I was actually just trying to be creative about my answer.

The reason is that it actually took me 20 seconds, and I tried to go about answering the question in a humorous tone to convey the effortlessness of the task without having to literally state it.


to your information, TRT. I have done my re-search on this router for weeks now, and I have come across this article many times, without it helping. I have setup a portforward in my genie, however when I check if its open, it is not, that is my big problem. be careful now.

If you already referred to that article and it didn't help you, then mention it in your post. Otherwise I will just have to assume things without actually knowing them, and that might result (as in this case it did) in unhelpful information.

Sorry if I'm not able to help you out, but there's really not much to look at here.


I have realized I should have included a bit more information in my post, and that is my fault.

Beware. Even if you port forward your router, be sure to set the rules in firewall. And some ISP's block the ports which renders whatever you try useless. If that's the case, VPNs are the only way out.

my ISP does not block any ports, which is why its odd im having this issue.

How did you check if the port was open or closed? What message do you get when you insert the port you tried to forward into

Also, try to do an nmap scan on your IP address and port that you tried to forward (nmap -p <port> <your_ip> --reason) and tell me if it is saying 'filtered' or 'closed', and the reason that nmap gives, if possible.

With the above information, I think I will be able to help you in some ways.



Most routers and equipment supplied by ISP providers has a dedicated port open (telnet or so) so their IT guys can root access and do some sort of management and firmware upgrades. Try google by "<ISP-name> root access <modem/router-model>"

I hope it helps

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