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Sup, my fellow white hat hackers!
In this tutorial, I will show you an AWESOME script for key logging.
It can be hidden in lots of different formats, even .docx(Microsoft word), and .pptx(Microsoft Powerpoint).
Oh yes, what you need is a Kali Linux and that is it.
This is actually illegal to use on other peoples, so, promise me you will not use it for the bad.
Now, put your hats on,( I hope it is a white one) and get ready.

It will take long, but IT IS WORTH IT.

Step 1: Clone It!

My every tutorial starts with this one, cloning it. To clone it, type :

git clone

this will install it, now type : " cd BeeLogger " to go to the directory, and type " ls " to see what is in there.

Step 2: Execute It!

Now we cloned the script to our Kali Linux, we need to execute the script.
But before that, we need to install what we need. Type :


IMPORTANT This command will install things. It will install wine,python,all kind of that stuff. It is a long boring step, it takes like ages to do that, but it is easy, just keep pressing next. So I will not show this step. But, in the wine configuration, select Windows 7 instead of the windows XP, Then press OK.

Finally, It is done!

Now we can execute the script! To do that, type in :


After that, there will be a image of a bee, then press enter.

Now, there will be this page.

We are going to generate a keylogger, so press K.
And, Ta-da. There are lots of options like :

You can choose any, 1 to 6. But, you will need to make a gmail account and type the email inside to get what the victim is typing. So quickly make a gmail account, and select one.

I chose number 2. Now, go to

And select Turn On(Make sure you are logged in). Other wise it will not work. The reason that it needs the email address is because it is a way to communicate with you without port forwarding.

Now, I am pretty sure you can do the rest. Send the file to the victim, the victim opens it, the keylogging begins and sends the text that the victim typed to your gmail account.

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Lol sorry for the garbage tutorial... Did not have enough time to make this.....

Justin Chang I really need your help and you seem to know alot about this stuff.

Please contact me or let me know where I can email you or contact you. English is not my first language either so sorry for the mess up.

It's OK, English is also not my first language, So what your problem?

When i try to install keylogger which I made using beelogger i alway get an error saying that this file cannot be executed

?? What do you mean by installing keylogger and getting the error that it can't be executed?
Do you mean that the file does not launch?

This problem never showed up to me, but try deleting the file and making the file again... The file not opening problem is because there was a error in the file.

I am using LAN with my Kali Linux, wondering if it'll work.

Secondly, can I send the file to someone who is not on my network. I asked a friend in Europe I wanted to try it on his computer and he agreed.

What do I need to make it possible to send the keylogger to someone who is not on my network and probably in a different country?

It will work, even I have LAN and it works.
This script will send the keystrokes by Gmail, which only needs internet.
It will work on various countries, but the victim should have internet connected.
But it will not work on some countries that bannes google,
like Israel or your favourite country. You know what I mean. CHINA

but u can hack his/her computer with metasploit and using POST modules
just check the vulnerability sides and then *ATTACK*

I tried making new logger but i keep getting the same error... Is it problem with the repositories?

Hmm.... maybe it is, or maybe it is the beelogger problem....

when you installed the beelogger, did you install all the wine configuration and those things? Check the folder you downloaded. There should be :

If you don't have these, you will have to install beelogger again.
If you have these and it does not work, then try updating and upgrading the beelogger.
you will get a upgrading section when you start beelogger.
Hope this helped!


Oh, the guy that sent me the email. I was about to answer that. go to your article, I will answer.

thank you JUSTIN CHANG

will it only work in win 7

Unfortunately, it doesn't work anymore, as does mot .NET based keyloggers. Someone probably uploaded it to VirusTotal or something because Malwarebytes immediately flagged the executable.

so, this keylogger is no more effective?

Maybe..., I'm facing some issues

E: Unable to location package wine32
how can i do

Just copy paste above command ::

dpkg --add-architecture i386 &&
apt-get update &&
apt-get install wine32

After last step I'm getting this error!! Pls solve this...,

These info above are correct? (y/n) :y
Illegal instruction
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 161, in <module>
File "", line 116, in main
os.rename('dist/k.exe', 'dist/' + name)
OSError: Errno 2 No such file or directory

I have the same issue did you find a fix?

Do you mean BeeLogger doesn't work anymore
I dont know what am doing wrong but it wont send message to my gmail

Can somebody help?

Does the beelogger work on adroid?

so....will this work with android phones?

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