Forum Thread: DDos 4.0 the Best Script for Kali Linux Rolling

After installing Kali Linux, you usually do som ethings as change sources.list files, install open office, update java, install tor browser… or install some awesome hacking tools as Veil-Evasion, backdoor- factory… It can get more time, so I wrote ddos bash script to resolve this all things.

What's new?

– change source.list kali linux rolling

– modify video tutorial links

– add more tool

– add vmware-tools



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looks good, might give it a try, just reverting back to 1.1 as 2 sana rolling is annoying, been having trouble with txpower setting etc

Seems to be a good script but where is the download link ???

Good script. Maybe you should name it something else tho?

Yeah, its kinda misleading.

# Sergeant

I dont mean to be cynical but you kids should really take a look at the code before you just download and run it. Le Nguyen Hoang is probably one of those rare people that try to share their security knowledge with the best intentions, but if I were trying to grow my botnet I'd throw some malicious code into an appealing script that just automates some basic tasks that skiddies are uncomfortable doing the manual way. Also Le Nguyen Hoang the built in links to your own vids is a lil shameless :P kinda jealous I didnt think to do that myself.

Seriously !!! you kids. I have already taken a look and it looks legit perhaps you should take a look.

# Sergeant

I looked a bit in the code of and it looks legit.
Just an easy script that helps to automate things.
Maybe I will use it one day ;)

However looks like he put a lot of work into :D
So thanks ;)

EDIT: Looking at code before downloading and/ or using is crucial!

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