Ddos Script v2: The Best Script for Your Kali Linux System

You can view Ddos.sh bash script v1.0 at

Ddos Script: The Best Script for Your Kali Linux System « Null Byte

Ddos Script: The Best Script for Your Kali Linux System « Null Byte After installing Kali Linux, you usually do som ethings as change sources.list files, install adobe flash, update java, install tor browser... or install some awesome hacking tools as Veil-Evasion, backdoor- factory... It can get more time, so I wrote ddos bash script to resolve this all things. Video: . Download: https://github.com/FreelancePentester/ddos-script

What's New on v2?

  • Add link about how to use tools that you want to install..
  • Fix some error
  • Add Fix Device not managed error
  • Add "Update Tools to latest verion" menu
  • Add "Change logon Kali Linux Wallpaper" option



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9 Responses

Might try this later


Hi everyone.

Well im a noob and i have finally decided to make cyber security my profession, so being a hacker(white hat) is mainly all about writing advanced scripts and exploits, can you just help me with the right resources to write such advanced scripts and exploits?


Learn by yourself or attend some group to learn, i think noone have a free time to train a people that they do not know


Welcome to Null Byte!

If you want to make cyber security your profession, start with the simple first. Learn Linux and the hacks and exploits here on Null Byte. Then, progress to some of scripting posts here.


Thanks master. I'm good at Linux and metaspoilt. The tutorials are really good. But please suggest me few books for writing my own exploits

The classic in the field is "The Shellcoders Handbook".

Hmm. Seems interesting. Looks probably better than lazykali to be honest, :3

Misleading script name though, I analysed your code and yes - it does indeed install some very good applications.

This is definitely something, every Linux user should have, after installing Kali. - I also like how you added XFCE DE for Kali Sana, I'm still on 1.0.9a, for now...

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