Forum Thread: I Want to Hack a Facebook Account.

What would be the ideal thing to do to hack a facebook account?

According to the sites I've visited you cannot really hack facebook accounts but you can put keylogger, social engineering, session hijacking and etc.

What is the best and ideal thing to use? Keylogging or session hijacking? (I don't want to try social engineering lol)


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If you have physical access to the account user's device, use a hardware keylogger. If not, get them to download a software keylogger. If they are on your WiFi network, use session hijacking. Honestly, I would use SE though. (Phishing)

I always prefer SE, it has very high percentage of success.

I agree, especially if you know the person in case which is not very unlikely when trying to hack a facebook account.

session hijacking will give access to victim account only if he is logged in but key logging once it is installed in victim system it records key strokes and u will find his password and many more things session hijacking cant get u password be intelligent to do this

there's a whole series of tutorials dedicated to explain the different ways of hacking facebook accounts

(hooking the browser,if their account is set on a phone number you can always exploit the victim's phone by a malicious file and drop_sms etc...)

all of these different methods have been explained in details by some of the best teachers on nullbytes
you should check them out
but if i were you
i would try to get access to their whatsapp as most people chat on whatsapp not on facebook anymore
(sending a malicious file for example and put their number in whatsapp
when whatsapp sends the code to them drop_sms and put the code on your phone and you have access)
this method isn't recommended as the victim will know that he got hacked
but if you embed the code in an original apk file for example and seal it
they won't know that it was you as your file wasn't suspicious
and to be more secure i suggest to use persistence
that lets you use the "payload" multiple days later even if they have turned off their phone for example.
that means you can send the file and wait a couple of days until you use their whatsapp
this way they would have 0 suspicion that it was you.
and hopefully you will have enough time to copy all their whatsapp messages before they reclaim their whatsapp account.
if you have anymore questions feel free to ask and i will reply.

I used to use a website to send a fake malicious link and prompt the receiver to enter the fb password and ID. But now the site is down, and I can't find similar sites. Does someone know of such sites? Please help.

Greet to all the members in this Forum,
Am a Certified Ethical Hacker , Am here to share my ideal on hacking fake book.
The best is Keylogger , because you get get his usersnames and password , session hijacking is not the best .

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