Ddos Script: The Best Script for Your Kali Linux System

After installing Kali Linux, you usually do som ethings as change sources.list files, install adobe flash, update java, install tor browser... or install some awesome hacking tools as Veil-Evasion, backdoor- factory... It can get more time, so I wrote ddos bash script to resolve this all things.

Download: https://github.com/FreelancePentester/ddos-script

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Welcome to Null Byte!

You scared me with the DDOS name ...

He changed the name of the orignal script. See my post below. I don't know where he pullled that name from.

Oopz ......

Seriously .... This is awesome !!!! Good work. Am sad because only 1 kudos can be given at a time. Thanks , You made the life of beginners like me very easy. +1

Really Very Helpful Saves us a lot of time

The orignal script screenshot.

This script was taken/forked/modified from:

What this author did was to modified a github script, remove the credits, option 9 on the menu and said he wrote it w/o giving any credit to Brad Freda.

O, and plaster his facebook profile all over it instead. Not FOSS like :(

FYI: I've forked the script, but did not remove the credits. The screenshot is of my forked version. Notice the credits are still there.

It's a bit more than a few functions.

I didn't have a problem with the forking, but removing credits and taking all credit (anyone can do that). Not in the spirit of FOSS.

See now, that's what I thought he did. To me, it looks exactly like lazykali with very few changes. It's upsetting that he didn't give the creator of lazykali any credit.

Yeah, he should have credited the original script, which is hosted on Google code. It's clear he lifted some bits from there.

But - variations of that script are all over github. And the one you linked to from bradfreda has also altered the original credits -- it removes "Reaperz73" and subs in "soufian-hamada" more than once.

But aside from the idea and a few declarations, they don't overlap that much -- maybe 5-6 functions in common out of roughly 40.

Edit to add -- it seems like they actually complement each other quite well, and for some it might be worth it to use them side-by-side.

Definitely will check it out. Seems like a time-saver. Thanks!

If you are interested in giving the Lazykali a try. Use my forked version. It fixed some things. The script can be found here.


To see credits, select option 9.

Great script, thanks for the share!

so, noob question here... do i have to copy the github code and create my own .sh file? what is the process for running this script.

i think Lazykali is more suitable name.

And here is the script that Le Nguyen Hoang also edit and add his funtion(suppose original is belonging to someone that i have forgoten his name, last year he opened an facebook page and posted this script then asked everyone to suggest him which we need on script)

great job and thank you this is the best script ever.

Kali linux 2.0 not showing wifi option/ network in live USB mode
please tell how to fix this problem

when I try to ./Ddos.sh it says : permission denied, any fixes?

chmod 777 Ddos.sh
chmod +x Ddos.sh

actually it is coming permission denied

can anyone please tell why it is not working

You need to give root execute permission with chmod.

chmod 777 (file name)

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