Forum Thread: Android Meterpreter.

Hello !

Lets assume that we have a meterpreter on our victims andriod phone.

1) Is there an way to clear the data and cache of an app ?

2) Can we keylog the phone ?


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Android is just Linux, yes modified alot but I bet with a little tinkering you can get Linux payloads and what not working. I have gotten some servers running on my old Nexus 7

keep in mind that Android is indeed a modified version of Linux, but without root! i don't know that many people who have rooted their phone/tablet, but those who have rooted their phone usually also have some knowledge about infosec, making things trickier.


What about key logging ?

....I think I have to play around with it myself

i don't know much about android payloads, but can you use keyscan?


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