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II am brand new to computers and hacking. I just changed my major to cyber security and I'm trying to immerse myself in the field as much as possible before graduation which is in a year and a half. I'm basically a clean slate. A friend sent me to this website and I couldn't be more impressed. I have some questions if anyone is willing to help me out! I have a workable knowledge with binary and Kali Linux.

Where should I start on this website? Just things I'm interested in or are there foundational things I need to know first?

What kind of gear is common among hackers and computer personnel?

Are there other areas to computers other than Hacking and Coding?

I'm interested in the Recon and forensics field that is on the website a lot, if anyone is willing to point me around that area as well, I'd appreciate it.



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you can read my article here
Important Knowledge to "Get Started" in Computer Security
and you will also find another article link in it that has a very good resources that will make you an elite .

Perfect. Thank you. IS there a link?

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