Forum Thread: Hello Everyone Im in Need of Some Help.

I Currently Only Have Two Computers, One if Running Kali Linux 2.0 Light While the Other Is Running a Full Install of Kali Linux 2.0 I Have a New Ipad and I Need to Jailbreak It, I Know What I Need Instslled to Do It, Im Just Not Fully Sure How to Install It in Kali Linux, Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated, I Have Attached an Image of the Files. Im Aware I Can Install a Dual Boot of Windows on My Pc but I Would Like to Avoid Using Anything Other Then Kali Linux

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Well i am not able to upload the image for some reason but the file i need to install is "libimobiledevice"

Just to clarify, are you trying to install Kali to your ipad? Or are you trying to use Kali to jailbreak you ipad?


You can use a Virtual Box and install a Windows flavor and the jail break the pizzle. Or apt-get whatever that lib is don't work?

if there is no linux-compatibility of your lib you need windows, else just try to look for debian(kali is based on debian)-packets and install them.

i did the apt-get command with no luck, so then i used a virtual box and ended up bricking the ipad do to lag hahah, but its okay, im just borrowing a friends windows real quick and restoring the ipad, it was to much of a struggle to attempt the jailbreak from kali. thanks all for the help

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