Forum Thread: How Can I Bypass My College Internet Portal to Access All the Sites..

I think they are using something called cyber roam.. And usee details are linked with laptops Mac address

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You could either use a proxy such as Tor or UltraSurf if you are just trying to access blocked sites, or you if you have access to command line use nslookup to find the website ip address and use that in the web browser if the administrator blocked the site names and not the ip addresses. If neither of those work then last resort would be google's cached web pages.

in my case :
--> Fortigate firewall :
--> Kaspersky End point security.
--> Domain user rights.
so i found a solution using an online proxy browser :

if they use forigate : there is a hard coded password in their product so u can get access then change settings that u want .

User : Fortimanager_Access
Pass : FGTAbc11*xy+Qqz27

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