Forum Thread: Hi , I Am a Noobie in Hacking,Can Anyone Tell the Requirment for Port Forwarding ,I Am Going to Buy a New Router

I think my college wifi does not suits for a budding hacker,i tried metasploit ,i cant even start a session when i connect my android to the same wlan.for your notice , my college wifi uses mac filteration for access,so even though same lan we are given different logins username and password for each user.

even router default gateway is not loading in my browser ip is 102.x.x and everyones internet ip is same 14.x.x.x and ping also is not working,stuck in even though i am getting almost every sites including dont appreciate a hacker full of passion:(.So i am planning set my own network for port forwarding.

help me friends. what is the problem with my college network? how to set my network and which the best router for average users?Is mobile network enough for my purpose?

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you need to login to page and there you can setup port forwarding

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