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I was trying to perform spearphising by sending a hoax website link and also attaching a payload or trojan. But gmail and ymail detect them as virus. My main intension is to attach a attachment of trojan .

The trojan is usually undectable by AV but when trying to attach gmail detects it.. any other way to do so?

Thanks in advance.. :)

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Im gonna bet Google have spent a lot more money on their AVs than you have, and their software is most likely capable of detecting much more than yours is.

best solution here really is to code the malware yourself, or change the algorithm, but both require a lot of experience with coding.

ok, so if i write my own exploit or trojan it won't detect.
there is no other way to do so, coz m learning python and several other languages.

of course its not guaranteed it'll be FUD, it depends solely on your skills.

I would recommend C++ for writing your own code, but like I said, it takes a long time.

I second the recommendation for C++.

Also, Google tends to flag a lot of executables.

attaches as an external link or send it as a compressed file zip or rar i don't remember.
trying to help and sorry if didn't

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