Forum Thread: Cobaltstrike Phishing Attack

Ok so i have a little problem that require a little solution ...

i installed Cobalt Strike on Kali linux 2.0 i want to make a fake link so if the victim clicks on the link and fill in the details i will get the details o my log ...

so that's what i did: i pressed on "Attack" then "Web Drive-by" - "Clone Site" i wrote the Clone URL
and Local URL The IP local PORT and i pressed on "Log keystrokes on cloned site".

so i chose to create a facebook login page and i succeed i secufully sent the link to the victim and i recieved the Email and Password

The problem is that is not working on other websites for example : russain) / (israel)

i tried to it on Setoolkit too but it was not working i created the link but when the victim fill in the details i don't receive any users/password/email/nothing..

any ideas??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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please answer it's really important

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