Forum Thread: How to Crack Facebook Password?

i may seem like a legendary NOOB and actually i am to this Kali linux stuff but my question was how to crack a Facebook password? i am a student of computer computer Lab professor challenged us (whole class) to hack his Facebook or to crack his password, he gave us his email and told us to do it. so is there any way how i can do it.

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Ok, that sounds not legit at all, but one of the ways to hack a facebook password is bruteforcing. But bruteforce takes long, and has a success rate of 2/100. But if you want to get it out from the source, you will need to be a advanced hacker. You said you are a lengendary noob, so why don't you first learn how to code.

I prefer C# or python, because they are easy and useful.

thanks for responding, yeah i am learning to code(in university) they teach us c++ so yeah i am doing it. i am learning python online.

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